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Unlike most au pair agencies, at Deandra Au Pairs you are not limited to a handful of candidates. And, unlike au pair websites, you can confidently select your au pair from screened and hand-selected candidates. You can directly meet and match with our au pair candidates knowing that our au pair screening and selection process virtually prevents you for any possible disappointment. Apply now, and meet and match with a trusted au pair soon.

We pride ourselves as the starting point of many happy moments for a host family and an au pair. We provide our host families with extremely comprehensive information – more than you will find elsewhere. We provide you access to all our screened and selected candidates, and give you the opportunity to Skype interview candidates direct. Before your au pair leaves for your home we cross the t’s and dot the i’s and make sure that she fully understands what you expect from her. We help the au pair with her own preparation and all the documents needed for the application. With Deandra Au Pairs you’ll always be able to make an informed decision. YOU choose the au pair who you believe will make a great addition to your family.


Intake starts with a rigorous screening process of the candidate au pair to confirm her educational and professional background, her experience when it comes to child and/ or baby care, her motivation to become an au pair and establishing that she fully complies with the au pair program guidelines and has a sufficient level of conversational English. 

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Multiple (personal) interviews with the candidate au pair, possibly talk to family members, and a 16PF test help us to learn more about her personality, determine the candidate’s problem-solving skills, stress coping, interpersonal and work styles, and overall help us determine if we accept her to be a candidate for Deandra Au Pair.

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We offer the most extensive preparation and induction to every candidate au pair. The training is aimed to make the transition into the host family as smooth as possiblie, to provide tools and to make the candidate aware of the different views when it comes to childcare and household chores in the Netherlands and Europe.

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Deandra Au Pairs advises and supports host families with (a wish for) an au pair from Indonesia. Our experienced team will help you with the application process, the required legal documents, travel documents and will happily advise you on other issues or questions you may have.

Feel free to contact us for any advice or support with your au pair.

This service is open to everyone and is not exclusive to host families registered with Deandra Au Pairs.

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