Au pair agency

It’s our goal to help find a perfect match between a host family and an au pair. We greatly value the role of the local au pair agency.

We recruit and select candidate au pairs for trusted host families. Partner agencies who offer their host families our candidates and our services, find a succesfull match quickly. Our safe online platform is instrumental for the families to make an informed decision on which our strong candidates will be their next au pair.


Each application is screened and goes through our rigid selection process. The selected candidates of Deandra Au Pairs receive a personalized training to prepare them to be an au pair and their time outside their own country. We not only help our candidates with the entire preparation including obtaining and translating  all neccessary documents, but also remain in contact throughout their entire time as an au pair.


We offer a safe online platform as well as special recruitment service. In both cases we give host families the opportunity to interview Deandra Au Pairs candidates, one-on-one. Host families can talk to an unlimited number of candidates and talk to a candidate as often as they want, via our website and through Skype – knowing that the candidate was screened and meets the selection criteria.

Deandra Au Pairs offers partner agencies early access to new candidates, fast recuitment service and any type of local support to help and resolve any issues relating to au pairs from Indonesia. You can send us an email or use the form below.

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